About Future Politics (and some credits)

I am a time-traveller, back to 2007 from the year 2107….


This is my attempt to communicate with the early 21st Century, a few years before the PeakOil Crisis.

I will be speaking both English and Greek.

You can find out more about my assumed identity in the early 21st Century, by browsing my main blog:


However, in this blog I will be writing solely from the point of view of a time-traveller, back from the 22nd Century.

If you believe this is impossible, have a look into the scientific foundations of this situation, here. (Alternatively, if you speak Greek, you can read exactly the same article in Greek, here).

  • The first postings were written in Greek, but it is planned to translate them all and create a completely bilingual English-and-Greek blog, in the near future (including comments, all of them translated if necessary)

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