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Max Keiser Viral Video – an SOS from the past?

March 18, 10
Minkowski diagram of the twin paradox.
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21st Century Viral Video was a time-traveller’s SOS signal!

C.P.N.N. (Cooperativist People’s News Network) –18 March 2110.

After very detailed A.I.-based Steganalysis of primitive 21st century Internet data, scientists now believe that the infamous Max Keiser Greek Crisis video with Greek subtitles was in reality a time-traveller’s SOS message, targeting the future:  – The guy must have been desperately striving to communicate with his colleagues in the future, after his mysterious disappearance in the past: The 21st century, i.e. humanity’s most barbaric Mortal Past! In a certain time-journey, the unlucky time-traveler lost contact with the 22nd century. However, it appears that he used steganography later on, embedded in the Max Keiser Viral Video, to transmit an SOS message !

The message is visible, if you watch carefully the ancient viral video:

The steganography-encrypted SOS message is embedded in an ancientGreek man’s face; look for the visible outbursts of encrypted information, in each grimace:

Costas Yfantis

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